Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bus from Vienna to Budapest

On longer routes, traveling by trains is normally more convenient as compared to buses. However, if the distance is not that great as that from Vienna to Budapest (300 km), taking a bus would be a wise option. Tickets can be purchased from the operators of the public transport.

Take a bus drive and get a chance to experience Budapest, the capital city of Hungary by traveling through the stunning landscape of western Hungary and enjoy the rich cultural festivals of the metropolis. Located on the banks of the river Danube, Budapest is rich in traditions. On a day trip to Budapest from Vienna; one can avail the opportunity to observe the Operettszinhaz, a staged show of the Hungarian State Opera and can visit the enchanting sights of the city such as the festive Christmas Market, or enjoy the panoramic view of the Vajdahunyad castle and the River Danube. Bus tour from Vienna to Budapest concludes with hotel drop-off to special hotels in Budapest.

Bus tour from Vienna to the city heart of Budapest ensures utmost relaxation, flexibility and liberty from time limitations. The passengers can relax in the comfortable coaches and forget the hassles of costly travel expenses or searching for a parking space. Moreover, it is easier to visit another country with this day excursion from Vienna to Budapest. On this extensive bus tour, one can realize the cultural and historical importance of Budapest.

The cheapest way to travel Budapest from Vienna is by bus. The bus fare varies from 2900 HUF/11 euros / 15USD up to about 5900 HUF /23 euros /35 USD for a single sided trip. For a return bus trip, the ticket price varies from 3900 HUF / 14 euros / 20 USD up to about 8900 HUF / 34 euros / 51 USD. The bus tickets can be bought on the internet as well for just about 2,900 HUF / 11 euros/ 17 USD for a single side and 3900 HUF / 15 euros/ 22 USD for the return bus trip.

There are further reductions or deals which the passengers can avail at the time of ticket booking. If a person is below twenty-six, he can get a 50% reduction in his bus tickets. Moreover if he stays for few days in Vienna, he receives a two day pass for just 10 euros / 15 USD by the public transport.

To get a bus from Budapest to Vienna, one must arrive at the Nepliget central bus station by taking M3 blue metro line. It takes almost three to four hours to travel to Vienna from Budapest depending on the kind of bus one manages to get on. Boarding a bus is not a big issue as the bus rides are relatively frequent. The Budapest to Vienna bus timetable on an average is 7am, 12am, 15:30am and 5pm. However one must make sure to confirm the current data.

It is more convenient for the passengers to board a bus to Budapest from Vienna airport as the airport is out in that track and it would save one the expense and hassle of moving in and out of Vienna.


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